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have you ever had to write a school paper and it seemed like right in their school paper took a very long time well I have a simple technique today for you that’s going to help you write your school papers in less time watch this what’s up this is cancer simmons academic success expert and leading authority on student achievement as well as the author of playing your a game and today i’m going to talk to you about how you can write your school papers in less time now this video which i’m about to share with you today and this technique came about because the other day I was speaking to a friend of mine who’s actually back in school working on our MBA and she told me that Kansas that writing technique that you taught me months ago it’s absolutely saving me a lot of time in school and I was like which writing techniques she said the one about the okay I’m about to teach it to you but this writing technique it’s got her a lot of success in school it’s helped me all through undergrad in grad school and I want to share with you today now I’m going to show you two techniques and the first technique it’s called well before I tell you what it’s called let’s talk about three steps in the writing process we all go through this and the steps are this you go through the brainstorming phase this is where you think about what you want to write about this is where you consume all your thoughts then you have the typing phase where you’re actually typing and writing your thoughts onto paper go into the computer and then you have the editing and proofing phase there’s one thing that you can do one simple thing you can do to speed this whole process up and that’s this go ahead and gather all of your thoughts go ahead and think about what it is that you want to say and then you’re going to type that but here’s the trick the technique is called the black screen the blank screen is just that simple so I’m going to light up my computer screen here and the way the black screen works is this you go open up a Microsoft Word document or any type of writing processing system software that you use set up a blank document go ahead and set your cursor set your cursor and then before you would start typing your paper which we traditionally would do what I want you to do is set your mouse set your cursor and darken the screen black screen and then from there start typing start typing all of your thoughts start typing the paper start typing the concepts in your mind and I want you to start typing and do not stop keep your fingers moving keep your fingers typing as you write so I’m gonna demonstrate this for you okay here we go my just make up a store make up a paper the other day I read a biography of a successful man named Abraham Henderson and he talked about the virtual lifestyle and in that virtual lifestyle now you can see what i’m doing here is i’m keeping my thoughts keeping my fingers moving as i’m writing all of my thoughts down he talked about living abroad and working from his computer so i’m gonna stop right there now i want you to get the concept i was taking my thoughts typing i was messing up but I was getting my thoughts out on paper now once I’ve done that I can take my screen and just light my screen up and as you see here now I’ve made all my fun really really big so you can see on the screen but if I look at the things I typed I can see that I have a paragraph of words that were on my mind now on paper now now I can go back and make I made a few you know spelling errors which is expected but by going in now I’m saving some time because I got that first phase of right now think about how much time this will save you if you go ahead and blacken the screen now if you don’t have the key on your keyboard to black the screen you can just put a towel or a shoot or something over your screen to protect it but the key step here is to keep your finger moving keep your fingers moving keep typing keep writing don’t stop get it all out get it all out get it all out and once you’re done then turn the screen on and look at your paper and start editing from there what traditionally happens is that we are typing and editing at the same time typing and editing at the same time go going back to fix the mistakes that we made that’s pretty cool that’s called the black screen technique now here is another technique for you this is a mobile devices in the iPhone and like the iPhone or droid yeah just got an email just like the iPhone the droids and your iPads any of your notebooks your Kindles some of those things have this little thing on it called a microphone and you can use your mobile device to write your school papers in less time by setting up a a note a blank note or a notepad in your phone and then just pressing I have a little microphone on here the other day I read a biography by a guy named Abraham Henderson period he spoke about the importance of living a full life period and in that book he talked about living a virtual lifestyle period where he had a home but he chose to travel the country travel the world and live and enjoy his life period I can’t record and hit done and looky there I have all of my words right there on my mobile device and now I can go in and edit this or I can copy it and then email it to myself open a Microsoft Word document and finish the editing process that’s pretty cool so you have the black screen technique and the mobile dictation technique black sreen technique mobile dictation technique was it helpful for you can you use that well I want you to go ahead and start using it and if you would leave me a comment below below and let me know what you thought about these two techniques also in the comments if you have any questions or if you want me to shoot a video on any area where you may be feeling a frustration or you want some help where school it’s concerned or your steady schisms concern just let me know also be so kind to LIKE this video share with some friends and I want you to remember this there’s only one game of life that counts and that’s your a game I’m cancer Simmons have a blessed day you


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