So what does it Mean if She Has to consider My Marriage Proposal?

Reader matter:

What does it mean whenever a girl doesn’t want to lose you but if you propose, she claims she’s to take into account it? Her friends state it’s because she actually is leaving for basic training.

-Charles W. (Georgia)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

It implies precisely what she says. She enjoys you. She is connected to you. And she actually is worried to get without you.

But she also knows her life is going to go through a significant difference where she’ll be challenged literally and psychologically, where she will satisfy new people and get confronted with something new.

She’s smart enough to realize that she’ll have cultivated into someone different when she completes standard education. This is exactly why she does not want which will make a choice which could harm you afterwards.

Remember the outdated saying, “if you’d prefer anything, ignore it. If it comes home, its yours. Whether it doesn’t, it never ended up being.” This can be one-time whenever I can tell you firmly to hold off to see. The proper thing (whatever that will be) will happen in time.

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