CSKA – “Spartacus”: when to wait for derby Counter-Strike?

On Sunday, September 13 at 19:00 MSK CSKA Moscow will take on their own field of “Spartacus.” Football fans of CSKA and “Spartacus” to wait for the next meeting of the teams remains very personal, but fans of eSports this derby will see will not soon. Both football clubs have long discovered the video, but a full-fledged part of the industry has not yet started. Cybersport.ru tells how our team flirted with eSports, as do European clubs, and whether to wait for the future of the Moscow derby conditional CS: GO. “Spartacus” in e-sports – from FIFA to forZe partnership with Red-White started to get acquainted with the eSports before CSKA. The first cyber sportsman in the ranks of “Spartacus” appeared in September 2016 – after the FC “Ufa” Moscow club has signed a contract with a professional player in FIFA. For “Spartacus” began to speak of his own fan KEFIR Sergey Nikiforov. However, co-operation lasted less than a year. KEFIR not useful “Spartacus.” Photo: The official site of FC “Spartak” Although KEFIR formally signed as a pro-gamer, yet increasingly it is known exactly how the content maker. His channel on YouTube more than 1.15 million subscribers, and videos collected on average 200-300 thousand. Visits. Departing from “Spartacus,” Nikiforov said he wanted to promote the club on YouTube, the more it rolls, taken together with the players, collected half a million views, but “Spartacus” for some reason, refused. Closer met with eSports is not football, “Spartacus” and the eponymous sports society (yes, FC is not included in IFRS). In October 2017 IFRS “Spartacus” has announced that will bring together the compositions of the three disciplines – Dota 2, CS: GO and League of Legends. By MOBA from Riot Games team has not appeared, and Valve’s “Spartacus” games only stayed for a few months: the composition of the Counter-Strike represented the organization from April to September, and for “Dote” – from September to November. However, do not say that it was all in vain. Yes, the composition of the “Dote” eventually collapsed, but the team of CS: GO in the end was very strong team – forZe. History of IFRS “Spartacus” in e-sports was swift and chaotic, but not in vain – because the team of CS: GO is already interested in football “Spartacus.” In the autumn of 2018 and the first forZe FC announced a partnership under which Identity eSports Club has become much close to the “Spartacus”: the blue color was replaced by red, and added to the jersey Spartak diamond. ForZe quite popular in the CIS. Photo: Epic Esports Events Of course, the cooperation was not one-sided. In particular this applies to sponsorship: forZe signed an agreement with “Lukoil”. So the club has received a very serious partner, but it soon became clear, the major sponsors at times put forward tough conditions – Daughtery confirm. Although the “Spartacus” and forZe really working closely together (in eSports Club even has its own office at the stadium “Arena Opening”), it is still different companies. Although recently introduced the club Kokorin roller parodies CS: GO, intentions to do the following concrete steps in the industry of it is not visible yet. It’s a pity. CSKA and eSports – If accurate flirting “Spartacus” jumped in eSports with the head, then CSKA while experimenting with it very carefully and punctually. The history of the club in the industry also began with FIFA, as the Premier League in 2017 decided to hold the championship of Russia on kiberfutbolu in February CSKA general director Roman Babaev presented Andrey Guriev TIMON as CSKA representative in the tournament. Babayev presents TIMON. Photo: The official website of CSKA Moscow TIMON eventually won the competition, but did not stay in CSKA. Subsequently, he represented the club at another tournament, but as a player Gambit Esports. For some reason, CSKA clearly was not interested in further cooperation with TIMON: currently cares for soldiers is cyber sportsman Lokomotiv Esports. Apparently, in eSports fight CSKA decided not to get involved. Instead, the club otherwise winks eSports – through memes. For example, in 2019 the army team in an unusual way announced the signing of Lucas Santos, making cutting of catchphrase Papic (Arthas). Videos immediately spread through the Internet – the video of “VKontakte” for more than 350 thousand views (despite the fact that the average video CSKA collected about 2 thousand views.).. And CSKA were a lot of gamers. This first began three years ago, when the club’s players Alexander Golovin and Timur Zhamaletdinov celebrated victory in the Champions League over the “Benfica” phrases of eSports – “It GG” and “Easy rink.” In addition to football simulation, CSKA basically all play Counter-Strike – especially Fedor Chalov Konstantin Kuchaev and Nikita Chernov. The last two players with NAVI Team Spirit and even participated in a show match at the presentation of the Moscow BLAST Pro Series. Worth watching to make quieter If CSKA closer to eSports in terms of the players themselves, the “Spartacus” is closer to the industry’s business position. The potential for further development of many more. And there’s an example of how to do it is not necessary – “Anji”. Case Anji – XBOCT as the team left without money Perhaps the loudest Russian FC combined in eSports literally burst Makhachkala “Anji”. In March 2016 held a loud announcement – the first champion of The International Alexander XBOCT Dashkevich will bring its membership to Cyber ​​Anji (Dashkevich Photo in fur cap was attached to the announcement). The idea of ​​the project was obvious – as best as possible to act on The International qualifiers and more to earn some money. The final roster was formed in May: in qualifying, in addition XBOCT, the team played Pikachu, Yoky, Chuvash and nofear. As a result, the composition has taken eight of the ten places in the group stage and said goodbye to dreams of a coveted quota for the tournament. Almost immediately after the qualifying the team was disbanded. XBOCT. Photo: “Anji” As it turned out, XBOCT team repeatedly faced with financial problems. For example, the management did not pay for a long time the composition of bootcamp and cyber delayed salaries. As a result, the money received only XBOCT, and “Anji” has evaporated from the cyber radar, leaving only the negative behind. Disgusting example of “Anji”, unfortunately, is no exception in eSports. However, most of the clubs do not come into the industry for the benefit of every second. European teams will confirm this. Foreign experience – from “Juventus” and PSG to “Celtic” Western clubs have long been looking for himself in e-sports – and all in different ways, depending on the desires and budget. If some are limited to modest signings kiberfutbolistov, the remaining co-operate with these bison eSports. Let’s start with this media giant. PSG, like the majority of football clubs, come to eSports in the second half of the 2010s. He made a bid for popular in the west of the analogue of “DotA» – League of Legends. The team scored strong, but not the most stellar of Europeans, and those moderately successful playing the shooting-2 competitions (even had to step away from the exit to the top flight – EU LCS). The team disbanded in less than a year, and PSG came to eSports in a new way – sponsorship. Until recently reshafla PSG.LGD have been the strongest Chinese players. Photo: Epic Esports Events Instead of independently oversee the cyber team, the club decided to maintain the existing and long-proven organization. The most high-profile deals in the “DotA”, of course, was a collaboration with Chinese Parisians LGD Gaming – so there was one of the best teams PSG.LGD modernity that twice in the last two years, finished in the top 3 at The International Series tournaments. Similarly, the PSG has become a partner of the club Talon Esports. Team League of Legends was renamed the PSG Talon and won a place in the new league Pacific Championship Series, where they played teams from Hong Kong, Taiwan and South-East Asia. Team started quite well: in the first season won the second place and earned a slot in the World Championship for LoL. League of Legends generally one of the main entry points of western clubs in videogame competitions. Quite a strong team in the discipline is at the German “Schalke 04”. Club from Gelsenkirchen has long worked with Riot Games. For the first time, “Schalke” had bought a slot in the big European leagues of LoL in 2016 and since then has not lost his place in it. The club even fork out on a valuable slot in the LEC after the transition of the tournament on franchise model. The “Schalke 04” is a strong team of League of Legends. Photo: Riot Games While most viewers League of Legends watching the big leagues of Europe and America, clubs from other regions is still not afraid to open the game unit. Among the most successful and well-known examples – the Turkish “Besiktas” and “Galatasaray”, PSV Eindhoven from the Netherlands, as well as the Spanish “Valencia” and the French “Lille”. The last two, however, had already left, decided to focus on kiberfutbole. More well-trodden path in the e-sports have done much less well-known football clubs. For example, in Counter-Strike has excelled FC “Copenhagen” on the basis of which was created by North organization. For three and a half years the team won many championships tier-2 and repeatedly participated in the semifinals and finals of the major championships. Of course, its success can not be compared with the results of conventional Astralis and the Liquid, but it is much more competitive in the global arena team than conditional “Braga”, “Real Betis” or “River Plate”. May soon struggle “Copenhagen” in CS: GO will impose “Lion”, which recently became the title partner of the French LDLC. Virtual Football – it’s not only FIFA, but Pro Evolution Soccer. However, Konami game has always been in the role of catch-up. However, in recent years, it does not prevent the company to cooperate with leading sports clubs in the world. For example, in the franchise league eFootball.Pro places were “Juventus”, “Barcelona”, “Bavaria”, “Manchester United” and several top European clubs. However, judging by the channel league on YouTube, watching the match it is still not much help. Some of the football clubs long ago decided that e-sports for them – the golf point of partner integrations. For example, “Manchester City” is not only actively cooperating with Electronic Arts, but also keeps track of how the industry is developing gaming in general. A great example: recently started to gain popularity cooperative game Fall Guys – «Manchester City” immediately created its own form of it. Some cyber organizations can only dream about this. Photo: FaZe Clan Except EA co-League and the Premier League for FIFA, the citizens have not been seen in the cyber activity, directly related to the competition. But the club is actively cooperating with perhaps the most famous cyber brand – FaZe Clan. This seems to be an ideal option for both parties: the British club get access to a huge audience vlogerov Faze, and the last logo now see millions to broadcast the Premier League. Another point of entry football clubs in eSports – it bookmakers. For example, Betway company invites participants Ninjas in Pyjamas at the home stadium, “West Ham”. CS players honed their football skills and Chicharito and Michael Antonio fought one on one in a shooter: rollers scored 89 thousand and 280 thousand respectively views… It is difficult to evaluate such integration from a business perspective. But it must be understood that contributions to eSports – is in any case work for the future. As much as conditional North nor accused of poor management, the brand is already entrenched in the same Counter-Strike and can now experiment, they have had a good history. And if the “Spartacus” is already forZe, CSKA have yet to make their move. https://ballparkme.com/navi-needs-changes-again-the-current-roster-has-no/


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